EXCLUSIVE: Interview with EU bank regulation head Nathalie Berger

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 28 Jan 2020

The European Commission's head of unit for bank regulation and supervision Nathalie Berger began working in Brussels almost 20 years ago. IFLR reporter Jimmie Franklin sits down with her to discuss the impact of Basel III implementation, the capital market union, and the EU's taxonomy on sustainable finance.

You began in this role in April. What would you say are your key priorities, and what are the main challenges you are coming up against?

Two of our most important priorities are the Green Deal, so that financial services and banks can contribute to the fight against climate change, and the digital agenda – it’s obvious that banks have a role to play there.

As regards bank regulation, our first priority is to complete the post-crisis reforms, Basel III, which I feel provides the foundation for the important societal role that financial services plays, in times of both prosperity and crisis....