M&A Report: Italy

Author: | Published: 17 Oct 2018


1.1 What have been the key trends in the M&A market in your jurisdiction over the past 12 months and what have been the most active sectors?

In 2017, Italy's M&A market was driven by both domestic and cross-border transactions (both in private and public M&A).

Like in 2016, financial services was the most active sector in the Italian market (79 deals worth €17 billion, or roughly $20 billion), followed by the industrial sector (189 deals worth €7.9 billion), as in the case of the merger between Luxottica and Essilor (as per below).

1.2 What M&A deal flow has your market experienced and how does this compare to previous years? In 2017, 817 deals worth €46.5 billion were completed, a slight drop in terms of value compared to 2016 (509 deals worth €49 billion), but still...