IFLR interview: eagle-eyed

Author: | Published: 29 May 2018

Barclays will launch a law-tech incubator in London, in partnership with the Law Society and with the backing of a dozen law firms. Stephanie Pagni, general counsel for Barclays UK, tells IFLR how the project has developed

How has Barclays come to be involved in law-tech, as it's not traditionally associated with financial services?

I'll give you some background on how all this came about. Just over a year ago when I took over the role, one of the things I did was to familiarise myself with the sort of things that the Barclays UK businesses do. I took my team to visit one of the Eagle Labs [a network of spaces in the UK in which Barclays aims to accelerate UK business to enable collaborative innovation and digital empowerment], located in Cambridge.

It was really about getting to know that part of the business better, talking to startups that...