EMEA: wave of upcoming EU regulation worries industry

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 21 Sep 2017
Bankers need lessons in Mifid II compliance

As tans fade and the autumn leaves crunch under the shoes of investment bankers across Europe, there's a back-to-school feeling in the air – and the regulatory clock's ticking seems to have picked up the pace.

In the first three days of January 2018 alone, IFLR counts no fewer than three major pieces of EU legislation coming into effect. From the Benchmarks Regulation and its noble aim of minimising manipulation risks and all that comes with it, to the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (Priips) regulation and its fiddly, time-consuming documentation requirements, it might be wise to keep new years' celebrations to a minimum this time around. Heads will be sore enough without the Veuve.

You might think there's something missing there. There's an elephant in the room – partly because the names of EU...