Tokyo seeks to attract FDI

Author: | Published: 23 Feb 2017

Yuri Suzuki and Eiichiro Hata of Atsumi & Katai explore how the city is ramping up legal and commercial initiatives to drive international business

The Tokyo metropolitan government (TMG) has redoubled its efforts to transform Tokyo into a global business centre that can attract human resources, capital and information from around the world, to create the Tokyo global financial centre (TGFC), a financial services hub on par with New York's Wall Street and the city of London. Under the Japan Revitalisation Strategy, the TMG will collaborate with the office for foreign asset managers/owners, which will be established as an arm of Japan's financial services agency (FSA). Together, they will provide foreign financial institutions with general business support and encourage fintech companies to set up in Tokyo, promoting the TGFC concept.

Given Japan's declining and ageing population, the Japanese government is keen to improve personal asset management options, in both...