Wanted: antitrust continuity under Trump

Author: Edward Price | Published: 7 Dec 2016

The Trump effect continues, with US market participants hoping the president-elect will uphold the country’s established antitrust traditions.

On many important matters, Donald Trump is crystal clear but on others he’s almost impossible to read. Antitrust may fit in the latter category. During the US election campaign this November, he said a number of things that stand in direct contrast with more traditional Republican enforcement priorities, even going so far as to list transactions he felt should be blocked for antitrust reasons.

But since the election, Trump has rowed back on much of his Twitter-led economic and legal rhetoric. The Great Wall has become a little smaller (it’s now a fence) and his attacks on Obamacare and Dodd-Frank won’t be complete. Plus, Trump’s appeared to adopt a far more reconciliatory tone in his televised appearances. As a result of these mixed signals, counsel in the antitrust space are...