Trump: the M&A effect

Author: Edward Price | Published: 16 Nov 2016

In January, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States. Over the short-term, the impact on M&A will be market-dampening uncertainty. But Trump’s impact on deals thereafter will be great.

Donald J. Trump loves a good deal. As evidenced in multiple interviews, tweets and breathless remarks, the man is fixated with the art of shaking hands. His view of policy follows the same formula – his answer to all concerns, foreign and domestic, is a Trumpian transaction. 

But Trump’s business-friendly status has also been tempered with some anti-business remarks. For one, Trump has repeatedly hammered home his suspicion of global free trade deals. That’s at odds with the vast majority of modern economists who see higher trade volumes as patently a good thing. For another, Trump has expressed scepticism over the biggest US banks,on occasion even offering Neel Kashkari-like calls for their break-up. And he’s...