Trump's jobs and growth dilemma

Author: Edward Price | Published: 10 Nov 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s election victory has set minds racing on the Hill. National political divisions aside, the concrete policy work of delivering a significant economic expansion must soon begin. A loosening of financial rules - specifically Dodd-Frank, which he has said he will repeal - may be one of his only weapons.

President-elect Trump has promised tremendous growth

Trump's campaign was built around the promise of raising the rate of US GDP growth – often quoted is his aim of 4% a year. But he's also attacked two forces which mainstream economists often chalk up as ‘no brainers’ in producing growth: inbound immigration and international free trade. As a result, and assuming he doesn’t renege on border walls and a renegotiated NAFTA, President Trump will fall back on domestic economic policy. As such, there are three levers the new president could pull. But there's a catch.

He's already ruled two out.