POLL: The challenges of Basel IV

Author: Edward Price | Published: 15 Jul 2016
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Bankers are looking nervously at the so-called Basel IV framework. Regulators deny Basel IV exists, but they would. So soon after the Basel III, the idea of another round of global bank regulatory standards is hardly anticipated with ease. Not least among the suggestions is the potential for capital requirements to jump - again - and for banks to be weened off their expensive and precious internal risk models.

So, the unease at Basel IV has prompted IFLR to poll readers on  which element of the proposals could prove the biggest challenge for US banks:

  • Changing the capital treatment of banks’ trading books
  • Reducing banks’ flexibility in calculating RWA
  • Introducing the standardised approach to calculating operational risk
  • Other

Vote now on the right hand side of IFLR’s home page. The results will be published in the September issue of IFLR. If you would like to arrange an off­-the-­record chat to explain your view, please contact Edward Price at edward.price@iflr.com

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