Brexit's opportunities for US dealmakers revealed

Author: Edward Price | Published: 6 Jul 2016

US counsel are considering the implications of Brexit for the US. While they see tough times ahead economically, there may be an uptick in opportunistic US buyers operating in the UK.

The UK’s vote to leave the EU has resulted in much political uncertainty, a factor that typically dampens global financial market activity and weakens short-run economic growth. The Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee (FPC) is mandated to identify and tackle systemic risks. Its July 2016 Financial Stability report lists several imposing risks facing the UK economy.

Will Pearce, Davis Polk & Wardwell

But the economic damage isn’t confined to the UK. On the US side, a strengthening of the US dollar, and a drop in interest rates as dollar-denominated assets are snapped up by jumpy investors, will make life especially tough for exporting US firms. That could lead to a downtick in US GDP [gross domestic product]...