Antitrust and Cfius blamed for US M&A slowdown

Author: Edward Price | Published: 21 Jun 2016

US M&A activity in 2016 is showing signs of slowdown from 2015’s record year. But while antitrust and national security concerns appear to be factors, Brexit and the upcoming presidential elections have not made an impact, according to counsel. 

Thomson Reuters data shows  global M&A activity is down 20 percent from 2016, at $1.44 trillion. European and UK-based activity is falling off most sharply, with the US seeing a record low share of M&A activity. And although the US is still seeing better comparative deal activity, it’s also down on last year. 

David Shine, Paul Hastings"I think it’s fair to say that the global M&A market is slowing, but not slowed yet. That is in large part due to uncertainty over both the EU Referendum and the US presidential election," said Peter Cohen-Millstein, partner at Linklaters....