POLL: MetLife Sifi ruling

Author: Edward Price | Published: 4 May 2016
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Counsel are assessing the recent court decision upholding MetLife’s challenge to its systemically important financial institution (Sifi) status. What seemed like a victory for the insurance giant is, at second glance, increasingly looking more like simply the start of a very long process, with Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) challenging the ruling

Clearly, the MetLife decision holds a number of implications for the other institutions designated as non-bank SIFIs by FSOC. This prompted IFLR to poll readers on what will be the biggest ramification of MetLife’s successful Sifi challenge:

  • Shows a way around Sifi designation
  • Other non-bank Sifis will challenge their designation
  • FSOC will find a way to defeat the ruling
  • Other

Vote now on the right hand side of IFLR’s home page. The results will be published in the June issue of IFLR. If you would like to arrange an off-the-record chat to explain your view, please contact Edward Price at edward.price@iflr.com

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