Five questions for Cuba

Author: Edward Price | Published: 29 Mar 2016

President Obama’s historic visit to Cuba has concentrated minds. While Cuban capital markets are a way off, corporates are eyeing the island. IFLR asked the five questions on the market’s mind.

1: Will there be a tipping point for investment in Cuba?

One thing everyone can agree on is that the Cuban economy needs investment.

“The Cubans are in dire need. Hotels, roads, telecoms. You name it – they need it,” said Arturo Carrillo, partner at Paul Hastings.

Arturo Carrillo, 
Paul Hastings

“I think it’s hard to say when there’ll be a general opening of the floodgates to investment. When the Paul Hastings team went to Cuba in November, with approximately 30 clients and others, that took almost a year to plan,” said Carrillo.

The most important factor in any future investment – or any business with Cuba at all – is of course the US...