Distressed assets push Canadian M&A

Author: Edward Price | Published: 2 Feb 2016

Canadian M&A activity will continue unabated in 2016, with counsel seeing a strong trend towards distressed assets activity, particularly in the commodities sector.

While it seems too early to identify all of the year's upcoming trends, there has been much greater interest in M&A than capital markets so far.

"Folks continue to be focussed on M&A, and there seems to continue to be good momentum," said Jeffrey Singer, partner at Stikeman Elliott.

According to Singer, that will be especially true of the commodities market – the oil, gas and metals sectors – as issuers look for lifelines and buyers for opportunities.Principally, that interest surrounds Canada’s distressed assets, especially in the energy and metals sectors. "I think distressed M&A is going to become more of a feature of this market," said Singer. 

It's commodities that are causing problems for Canada. Its economy...