Poll: legal pitfalls in Iran

Author: Danielle Myles | Published: 20 Jan 2016
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The earlier-than-expected lifting of sanctions against Iran on January 16 jolted the country’s private sector and public authorities into action. President Rouhani set an inbound investment benchmark of $50 billion over the next 12 months, SWIFT told Iranian banks they could reconnect to the financial messaging service, and Tehran’s long list of promising tech start-ups started cementing their foreign funding strategies.

But while the economic isolation of the Middle East’s second largest economy is, on paper, now a thing of the past, foreign banks and corporates are expected to hesitate on the newly opened economy. While the commercial arguments may be compelling, they realise that the attendant risks deserve more attention.  

Against this backdrop, IFLR’s poll this month asks what is the biggest legal risk facing entities looking to enter Iran? Possible answers are:

  • Snapback
  • Remaining US sanctions
  • FCPA and Bribery Act
  • AML
  • Untested FDI protections
  • Other

Vote now on the right hand column of IFLR’s homepage. If you would like an off-the-record chat to elaborate on your vote, email dmyles@legalmediagroup.com

All votes and comments are anonymous. The results will be published in the March edition of IFLR magazine.

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