M&A annual review

Author: | Published: 9 Dec 2014

M&A is back with a bang. As always, IFLR1000’s annual rankings identify the law firms that are shaping the markets to watch

It's been a record-breaking year for M&A. Over the first 11 months, more than $3 trillion of deal volume was announced, making it the biggest year since the heady days of 2007. Boardroom confidence is back, debt markets are open, and there are new forces at play – activism and inversions to name but a few. Excitement gripped the market over the first half of the year, as the number and value of deals continued to rise.

But reality started to kick in come September. Deals, including blockbusters like Pfizer/AstraZeneca and AbbVie/Shire, collapsed before completion. Bankers and management's readiness to agree deals was matched by regulators' willingness to show their teeth. Nevertheless, sizeable deals did close, and there is a strong pipeline of deals set to...