Transparency creates expectations

Author: | Published: 1 May 2009

Rachel Evans
Asia editor

Professor Yong Huang is Director of the Economic Law Department at the University of International Business & Economics in Beijing. He is well regarded as a competition law specialist and is regularly consulted by the Chinese authorities on draft guidelines and points of law.

IFLR: Have you been pleased with the way the Anti-Monopoly Law has been implemented?

Professor Huang: I think the process has been rather transparent. Throughout the legislative process there was a free flow of information, with both experts and foreign professionals taking a large role in the process. The resulting law is a very international product. In total, there are 57 provisions in the law and, from the structure and specific wording, you can see traces of European and US legislation and specific case precedents.

The framework of this law certainly lives up to the international standard. The three major aspects of antitrust –...