Angela Yeats Currie, Jeffries

Author: | Published: 1 Aug 2007

Simon Crompton

When Angela Yeats Currie was at UBS, the bank ran several personality tests for staff as part of their development. One likened their characters to the cultural traits of different European countries. It turns out she, despite her Texan origins, is rather Italian. "Texas and Italy could be seen as having a few attributes in common I suppose. Perhaps a sense of independence, being less restrained and willing to take risks," she says.

That sense of independence can be seen throughout her career. Starting out as an attorney adviser at the SEC, she moved from the regulator into private practice in 1992, with five years at Shearman & Sterling. After a move to London, Yeats Currie also moved in-house to Goldman Sachs. And then after a stint for Goldmans in Tokyo and UBS in London, she deliberately moved to a more general role at Jeffries International.

It's a...