US updates: IPO guides, CFTC proposals and more

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 27 Mar 2017
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US capital markets updates from Morrison & Foerster

Latest updates

The Short Field Guide to IPOs
14 November 2016

CFTC Issues Cross-Border Proposal
10 November 2016

Previous updates

Quick Guide to REIT IPOs
09 November 2016

DOL Issues First Guidance on Fiduciary Rule
31 October 2016

SEC Adopts Final Rules Regarding Intrastate and Regional Offerings
27 October 2016

A Financial Services Glossary: Making Sense of the Alphabet Soup
18 October 2016

EU Market Abuse Regulation - Market Soundings Safe Harbour: Compliance and Record Requirements
14 October 2016

EU Market Abuse Regulation - Requirements for U.S. Issuers
14 October 2016

Tax Talk: Volume 9, Issue 3
12 October 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 10
06 October 2016

The Fed Revisits CCAR and Proposes CCAR Relief for Large Noncomplex Firms
28 September 2016

Capital Acquisition Brokers: New Category of Broker-Dealers Provides Limited Relief for Some Investment Banking Boutiques
20 September 2016

The Financial Choice Act: Implications for the U.S. Securities Legal Framework
15 September 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 9
14 September 2016

Final Regulations Clarify the Definition of "Real Property" Under the REIT Rules
14 September 2016

H.R. 5983—Act as Introduced—Title I
12 September 2016

Federal Banking Agencies Issue Recommendations as Part of Their Section 620 Report to Solidify the Safety and Soundness of the U.S. Financial System
09 September 2016

CFTC Releases Its Final Staff Report on the Swap Dealer De Minimis Exception
07 September 2016

Direct-to-Consumer Equity Offerings: Are Loyal Customers Happy Shareholders?
06 September 2016

Are Your Customer Accounts in Order? SEC Announces Sweep of Broker-Dealers and Implementation of the Customer Protection Rule Initiative
26 August 2016

Practice Pointers on Non-GAAP Financial Measures
16 August 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 8
11 August 2016

MoFo Tax Talk - Volume 9, No. 2
05 August 2016

Acquired Fund Fee Expenses and Business Development Companies
04 August 2016

Section 12(d)(1) and Business Development Companies
04 August 2016

EBA Second Monitoring Report of AT1 Instruments
03 August 2016

Impact of DOL’s Final Rule on Business Development Companies
01 August 2016

SEC Approves Nasdaq Rule Requiring Public Disclosure of Payments to Directors by Third Parties
26 July 2016

Late-Stage Private Placements: A Life Sciences Sector Survey
25 July 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 7
05 July 2016

The Federal Reserve’s Proposed Rules for Financial Contracts of Global Systemically Important Banking Organizations and ISDA’s Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol
30 June 2016

Brexit: Some Initial Thoughts On Prospectus Requirements For Issuers Offering Financial Securities in the UK/EU
29 June 2016

SEC Proposes to Expand Smaller Reporting Company Eligibility
28 June 2016

Practice Pointers on Shelf Offerings by Business Development Companies
June 2016

SEC Proposes Rules to Update Disclosure Requirements for Mining Registrants
21 June 2016

CFTC Approves Supplemental Proposal on Position Limits to Permit Exchanges to Recognize Non-Enumerated Bona Fide Hedges
16 June 2016

Practice Pointers on Navigating the Securities Act’s Prohibition on General Solicitation and General Advertising
June 2016

Treasury Expands Scope of REIT Spin-Off Rules in New Regulations
15 June 2016

Setting the New Benchmark: EU Regulation on Financial Benchmarks
13 June 2016

CFTC Issues Final Rules Regarding the Cross-Border Application of its Uncleared Swaps Margin Requirements
07 June 2016

FINRA Proposes Initial Round of Amendments to Communications Rules
06 June 2016

SEC Completes JOBS Act Rulemaking with Amendments to Exchange Act Registration Rules
31 May 2016

A Lofty Concept: Disclosure Effectiveness
18 April 2016

Federal Reserve Proposes Revisions to Form FR Y-7Q to Incorporate Capital Adequacy Standard Reporting Requirements for Foreign Banking Organizations with More than $50 Billion in Total Consolidated Assets
11 April 2016

Half-Hearted Relief for Munis: The Fed Adopts a Final Rule to Include Certain Municipal Securities as HQLAs Under the LCR Rule
07 April 2016

Final Department of Labor Fiduciary Regulations Under ERISA
07 April 2016

Private Secondary Markets and Rule 15c2-11
05 April 2016

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Non-SIFI: Round One Goes to MetLife
04 April 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 4
31 March 2016

CFTC Finalizes Relief from Trade Option Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements for Commercial End Users
22 March 2016

Tax Treatment of "Bad Boy Guarantees" Challenged by Recent IRS Memorandum
22 March 2016

Final European Standards for Derivatives Collateralisation
17 March 2016

Another Brick in the Wall: The Fed Reproposes Single-Counterparty Credit Limits for Large Banking Organizations
09 March 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 3
03 March 2016

SEC Adopts Rule Amendments Addressing Dealing Transactions Between Non-US persons that are 'Arranged, Negotiated or Executed' in the US
16 February 2016

FINRA Reminds Members of Obligations in Offerings Subject to a Contingency
12 February 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 2
10 February 2016

The Long Long Game: The EU Financial Regulatory Agenda Into 2016 and Beyond
04 February 2016

FINRA’s Final Equity Research Rules Go Effective; Final Debt Research Rules’ Effective Date Quickly Approaching
25 January 2016

CFTC Staff Issues No-Action Relief from Mandatory Swaps Clearing for Small Bank Holding Companies, Small Savings and Loan Holding Companies, and Community Development Financial Institutions
20 January 2016

SEC Adopts Interim Final Rules to Implement FAST Act Provisions
15 January 2016

Structured Thoughts: News for the financial services community, Volume 7, Issue 1
15 January 2016

CFTC Proposes Regulation of Automated Trading
13 January 2016

FINRA’s 2016 Priorities Letter: Objective and Subjective Issues
06 January 2016

FINRA’s 2016 Priorities Letter: objective and subjective issues
January 6 2016
Lloyd Harmetz

BRRD – the UK’s approach to MREL
January 6 2016

CFTC adopts uncleared swaps margin rules
December 23 2015

Extenders Bill puts an end to tax-free REIT spinoffs but includes a number of favourable changes to the taxation of REITs
December 23 2015




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