Editorial: A bright future

Author: | Published: 1 Jun 2011
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In the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis, capital raising was conducted with a hint of panic for most companies in the market. This impending sense of danger hung around for over two years, but there is much more optimism now.

More and more companies are looking to raise capital for more progressive means, principally to fund internal growth and acquisitions. Naturally, some companies still need to refund indebtedness, but the outlook is largely positive.

Debt has been scarce over the last four years, but it can be accessed under the right structures. Equity issues are increasing too and structured products are finding a place in the market too.

This IFLR supplement aims to present all the legislation, regulation, rules and legal issues for companies looking to raise finance around the world in one place.

Whether is it to make acquisitions, grow existing operations, repay debts or keep up with operating costs, companies need to keep abreast of the changing capital raising market. This guide will keep the market up to date via jurisdictional specific legal chapters.

The guide is published in association with ICMA and will be mailed to a select list of its members.

We hope you find this guide to be a helpful resource and one that you will turn to often.

Lukas Becker