Cfius filing fee a hindrance but unlikely to curb deal flow

Author: John Crabb | Published: 18 Mar 2020

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (Cfius) will soon require all parties to transactions to pay filing fees in connection with filings. However, sources suggest it will not cause inbound investment to drop.

Cfius, the  inter-agency committee that has the authority to review transactions that may result in foreign persons or businesses controlling certain types of business in the US to ascertain their impact on US national security, has not previously charged application fees for its reviews.

In direct response to the Covid-19 virus, the agency has also taken steps to protect itself from contamination this week. By introducing an e-filing system in place of the existing hard copy and DVD submission system, it will no longer accept any form of physical filings.

This move is perhaps a sign of things to come as the pandemic continues to expose unnecessary practice across the entire global workforce. "Perhaps...