OECD legal director: we underestimated political context of the Anti-Bribery Convention

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 25 Nov 2019

Nicola Bonucci is no stranger to the International Financial Law Review. In fact, he contributed to our magazine in 1988, discussing Italian tycoon Carlo De Benedetti’s bitter attempts to take control of Société Générale de Belgique.

Three decades later, and IFLR’s current EMEA reporter spoke with him about his time with the OECD, what the future holds for the organisation and his own ambitions as he begins a role with private practice at Paul Hastings.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Since I joined the OECD in 1993, I have been able to work my way up the internal hierarchy. I began as a legal adviser and am now legal director, as well as a coordinator for accession of new member states.

I would say that there are two achievements which proved most rewarding; raising standards internationally, and welcoming new countries to the OECD, thus expanding...