Bumps in the road: IEX on the record

Author: John Crabb | Published: 18 Nov 2019

As an integral part of Michael Lewis' bestseller Flash Boys, Ronan Ryan became a household name in the US equities market. As President of IEX he developed his work as an electronic trading expert and continues to level the playing field at the trading venue that does things a little differently. Last week IFLR's Americas editor sat down with Ronan to discuss IEX, the market, high frequency trading and how the exchange sets itself apart from the competition.

IEX was designed to institutionalise fairness in the market through the use of technology, how successful do you think that this has been? We are very proud of how it has gone. We launched six years ago, in October 2013. At first we just had the Speed Bump, we have the same Speed Bump now with a 350 microsecond delay. Then we added a discretionary peg, which is a delve into machine...