Life in the SEC's enforcement division

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 4 Nov 2019

Alma Angotti spent over 10 years in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s enforcement division, working on dozens of cases involving market abuse, from federal securities law violations to money laundering.

Here she talks to IFLR managing editor Lizzie Meager about her most memorable experiences, what regulators are thinking when working a case, and how she views conduct and culture to have shifted over more than 25 years in regulation and enforcement.

What was your motivation for becoming a regulator?

I was working at a law firm and, frankly, wasn’t having all that much fun. A couple of years in, a friend who had just moved to the SEC told me they were hiring.

What’s fun about it – especially in enforcement – is that even in the early stages of your career, you have a lot of responsibility. It’s your case and you’re making a lot of the...