Q&A with former Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld

Author: John Crabb | Published: 24 Oct 2019

Robert Griefeld was CEO at Nasdaq for thirteen years before moving to his current role as chairman of Virtu Financial. In conversation with IFLR this week, Bob discussed the latest trends in IPOs, offering insight on turnarounds and transformations from the perspective of a leader who was at the center of finance and technology for almost two decades.

Greifeld led Nasdaq through acquisitions that catapulted its growth from a single US equity exchange to a global market that nearly quadrupled in revenue, achieving a market value of over $11 billion with exponential 24-fold growth in operating profits during his tenure. Greifeld has recently released a new book called Market Mover: Lessons From A Decade Of Change At Nasdaq.

What do you make of the current equities climate in the US?

With respect to the IPO market, I believe that we are definitely now in an era where you have to demonstrate...