GDPR has kept AI ethical, despite concerns

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 2 Oct 2019

Aspects of Europe's new privacy law GDPR have forced artificial intelligence (AI) to remain ethical, as the sector faces the brunt of the law's constraints. Article 22 in particular has been seen as a direct attempt to reign in it's power to process data. 

GDPR has become Europe’s most infamous piece of legislation, and since its inception businesses the world over have grappled with exactly how to deal with its various clauses, which have hindered both start-ups and established companies. The latter were forced to redress legacy systems to ensure they were up to date for the regulation when it came into full swing at the end of May in 2018.

"GDPR is not easy to comply with," said Gail Crawford, partner and chair of the internet and digital media industry group at Latham & Watkins. "I could give examples for hours and hours of areas where the...