Head-to-head: time for GDPR in the US?

Author: | Published: 23 Sep 2019

Q: Should the US implement a federal law replicating the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation?


Dermot Harriss, head of regulatory solutions, OneMarketData

People involved with business governance and legal affairs are often more concerned about risk than opportunity, but business thrives on opportunity, and you don't get opportunity without risk.

A US GDPR would be controversial. It would impose an implementation cost and ongoing burden. It would come with business risks. But it would also create huge opportunities, especially in the US, because among western economies, the US is where it would have the biggest impact.

The too-cheap-to-be-true business model that currently dominates the US online retail economy is better articulated as 'whoever collects and exploits the most personal information wins': think Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and their like. Weak regulation does nothing to moderate this arms race.

Out of sight of the citizens it is collected from,...