Monzo head of legal: don't call us a challenger bank

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 23 Sep 2019

What does the Monzo legal department look like?

As legal vice-president (VP), I run the legal function. I have a team of around thirteen lawyers who look after corporate products, regulatory, employment, intellectual property (IP), and real estate. A few members of the team aren’t qualified lawyers but work on a combination of legal operations, contract review and vendor risk management. They play a really important role in the team even though they’re not lawyers themselves. Their core role is vendor risk management: making sure our terms and conditions are right, that all our partners are up to standard on data security, and they help to negotiate supply costs.

How does being in-house compare to private practice? I’ve been an in-house lawyer since 2001. I have to be honest and say the world of private practice didn’t inspire me. I enjoyed my training, then went into the City...