Legislation slows cannabis investor opportunity

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 2 Sep 2019

There is growing interest in Europe’s cannabis market, as social attitudes toward the drug change so do investor opportunities.

Despite opportunities increasing, regulatory burdens and jurisdictional arbitrage have resulted in slow growth.

"It is imperative that the EU comes to a harmonised position on this issue," said Nick Pateras, European managing director at medical cannabis distribution company Materia Ventures. "Currently, those who want to engage with the cannabis market have to be in tune with the nuances between countries. It is not a simple drag-and-drop procedure for each market."

"It has become a case of waiting for government to catch up," said Robert Jappie, a London-based head of cannabis law at Mackrell Turner Garrett, who specialises in cannabis law. "Regulation in this market is still underdeveloped."


There is increased interest in Europe’s cannabis sector but obstacles still stand in the way;

Experts say that standardisation is...