London likely to be dealt a capital market blow

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 9 Aug 2019

The UK’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made a commitment to take the country out of the EU by October 31. This could break London’s historic grip on the capital market sector.

With political volatility already having an influence on companies’ likelihood of listing in the EMEA region, commentators have speculated that further damage will be done to London if or when it loses direct access to the internal market.

"London has been a critical capital markets hub since the advent of modern capital markets," says John Engle, president of US firm, Almington Capital. "The city has evolved into one of the deepest and most sophisticated markets in the world, rivalled only by the US."

However, he continues, "Brexit could be an absolute disaster for the city."

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Dr Christoph Wolf, head of Baker Mckenzie’s capital markets group in Germany, is...