Sustainable finance in Africa is driven by demand

Author: Jimmie Franklin | Published: 25 Jul 2019

Climate change is climbing up the priority list in the finance sector worldwide – but it’s still early days for African financial institutions.

"There is certainly an increase in awareness when it comes to sustainable finance and climate change initiatives in Africa," said ENS Africa executive Lloyd Christie. "Financial institutions are a little bit more advanced on this. You can see that they are changing their investment mandate and beginning to offer green investment products, like green bonds."

Christie’s optimism is echoed by Andrew Dixon-Smith, head of legal, global and commercial banking at Standard Chartered Bank.

"There is certainly engagement across many financial institutions in Africa and there is particularly focused engagement with the regional and international institutions on this topic when it comes to sustainable finance initiatives and transactions," Dixon Smith added. He pointed to the increased prominence the topic is getting with regulators across Europe and the...