How to maximise value in M&A

Author: Olly Jackson | Published: 12 Nov 2018

Companies should focus on larger deals located within their own borders and avoid the high tech and telecommunications sector if they want to maximise value in M&A. Integrating workforces remains one of the biggest obstacles to success and crucial for a company to gain a return.

With the plethora of geopolitical risks affecting businesses, the margin of success has narrowed significantly in recent months. According to Steve Allan, global M&A practice leader at Willis Towers Watson, based on shareholder returns as an indicator of success, many deals fail and there are a select few reasons across the board as to why.

"Based on the work we do with Cass Business School, we see that roughly 55-60% of deals are considered successes and achieve shareholder returns, so it is by no means a guaranteed way to make money, more of an opportunity to do so," he said.