Mifid II & packages: firms still diverging on transparency

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 7 Jun 2018
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Libor poll part two: disputes ahead

Part two of Practice Insight's Libor reform poll finds more divisions in the market, with fragmentation expected for both regions and products. Disputes, particularly in swaps markets, are also highly likely. Part three will be published next week  Read more...

UK market reveals post-Brexit loophole

Heads of asset managers, in-house counsel and bankers reveal the so-called 'chaperone' loophole for UK-based financial services institutions post-Brexit that allows for minimal staff moves. But EU regulators reiterate their position that letterbox arrangements are unacceptable  Read more...

Mifid II & packages: firms still diverging on transparency

Transparency obligations for packaged transactions are still causing confusion. Some firms are conducting the transparency assessment at package level, while others are breaking the deal down into individual components. While both approaches are fine from a regulatory perspective, Isda is working with the industry on consensus  Read more...

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