Regulators will be tougher on antitrust enforcement

Author: Olly Jackson | Published: 2 Feb 2018

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has stepped up antitrust scrutiny and enforcement in the past few months as acquisitions become larger and more international. Brexit will certainly have an impact on how the UK deals with cross-border cases going forward, the regulator's executive director for enforcement Michael Grenfell told IFLR. 

Post-Brexit, the UK will exit the European Competition Network and the CMA will have exclusive jurisdiction over competition decisions. This opens up questions about what cases the regulator will select and how it will enforce the rules. Grenfell said the authority will need to scale up its organisation after the UK’s departure from the bloc.

"We will start looking at some of the bigger cases," he said. "That will involve a scaling up of the CMA to look at more – and often bigger - mergers, cartels and other anti-competitive practices."

Along with Brexit preparation, the CMA’s other...