A second wind

Author: John Crabb | Published: 26 Jan 2018

More than half of Latin Americans will elect new leaders this year. The financial markets are bracing themselves for a bumpy ride

Over the next 12 months almost two-thirds of the population of Latin America will take to the polls to elect new leaders. Brazil, the region's largest economy, will choose a replacement for Michel Temer in October; while in July, Mexican elections will usher in a new regime due to constitutional limitations.

Many of the region's other constituent nations are also making key decisions, with varying levels of prominence and legitimacy. Colombia, Costa Rica and Paraguay will all elect new presidents in 2018, and Chile's Sebastián Piñera will take office after his success in November.

Following the 2017 re-election of Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras – which may well have to be recast – both Cuba and Venezuela will also stretch the definition of democracy in the coming year...