Up in the air

Author: Amélie Labbé, John Crabb, Karry Lai | Published: 11 Dec 2017

Will 2018 bring yet more uncertainty, or will the global economy come back down to earth?

It's been a year to forget in many ways, but 2017 will certainly go down as a memorable one. In last January's edition, IFLR published a series of predictions for how we saw the year panning out – these included suggestions that Trump would push forward to deregulate the US, that we would see tighter grips on capital flows by the PRC, and a general rise in tech mergers globally.

We didn't do too badly, so we've decided to do it again.

In the US, as the Republican Party's grip begins to tighten, all eyes will be on the midterm elections, while the threat of a sweeping left-wing populist uprising hangs over much of Latin America. Europe and the UK will continue to iron out their divorce proceedings, and we could see more and more...