Distressed M&A risks in Asia

Author: Karry Lai | Published: 14 Nov 2017

From India to Korea to China, distressed M&A opportunities are growing in the Asia-Pacific region as corporates and governments begin dealing with their bad loans in earnest.

Restructuring and insolvency rules are gradually changing to manage the issue and opportunities are appealing to prospective buyers, but those buyers need to be aware of regulatory changes, according to panelists at the IBA Asia-Pacific M&A Conference in Hong Kong last week.

Susannah Lindenfield, general counsel for Asia-Pacific at Blackstone in Hong Kong explained that India and China present great distressed M&A opportunities. "It has been difficult to get majority stakes in companies, but now it’s getting easier with regulations such as the Insolvency Code in India changing," said Lindenfield. "Distressed real estate is an area presenting...