POLL: jumpstarting the US IPO market

Author: | Published: 26 May 2017

While no single factor can explain the US IPO market’s recent bounce-back, it’s clear that government initiatives to support private companies have helped

What could be the main contributing factor to bolster the US IPO market further?
Both 'extending confidential filings to all markets’ and 'increasing antitrust oversight to reduce M&A levels’ received 0% of votes

The initial public offering (IPO) market started slowly in 2016, and didn't much improve as the year progressed. There were no offerings in January, and figures in the first half of the year were 60% lower than in 2015 – itself the lowest year on record since 2009. Brexit caused some degree of global volatility while the US presidential election, in November, did little to settle nerves.

Early signs for 2017 have been much more positive, but IPO rates are still a far cry from their dizzy pre-financial crisis heights. To...