What Brexit means for M&A

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 22 Mar 2017

By James Wilson

The next three or four years will prove to be a tricky landscape for M&A transactions, not least in navigating regulatory uncertainty. The UK market will be dominated by its exit from the EU, with a myriad of regulatory implications. Quite aside from this, the UK has been looking at introducing a public interest test in British takeovers, but it remains unclear to what extent the government will be able to impose and monitor commitments by acquirers of British companies. John Fingleton, CEO of Fingleton Associates, which provides strategic advice in M&A transactions relating to regulatory and competition issues, examines the issues.

What has been your reading of the M&A market through 2016?

Because we advise on deals that may have regulatory problems, the volume of deals we see is not necessarily correlated with the greater cycles in the market. What...