DEAL: Luxembourg’s first Eltif

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 19 Dec 2016

Luxembourg’s first European long term investment fund (Eltif) has now been launched, allowing investors to access asset classes previously unavailable to them.

The fund, established by Partners Group, is the first in the country and possibly in Europe under the EU’s new designated Eltif regulation.

Eltifs are designed for long term infrastructure projects
While some have already been launched in France, including one by Lendix to provide funding to ‘very small businesses and SMEs’, some purist commentators claim these are not true Eltifs as they do not invest in infrastructure projects.

Partners Group senior vice president Philipp Mueller said the Eltif is a logical extension of products the firm is already offering to institutional investors. “It’s great for investors to have access to a market previously closed to them. We certainly see an appetite for deploying long term capital among potential distribution partners.”

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