IFLR India M&A forum: key takeaways

Author: Brian Yap | Published: 15 Sep 2016

Focus: regulatory developments

Dispute settlement has always been a key concern when conducting M&A deals in India, and this has been a major focus of the present government with the passage of the Commercial LawForeign private equity managers have never felt comfortable with the depth of management that India has, and that may have restricted the deal flow into private equityThe biggest hurdle facing foreign investors doing business in India has always been one revolving around the enforcement of contracts. In the first budget this year, the government set the processes for implementing the Commercial Code, but counsel argue that it is a long way before the Code takes full effectThe arbitration and conciliation amendments, which came into effect earlier this year, is expected to speed up the finalisation of a dispute award to one year and impose obligations on all concerned parties and arbitratorsMarket participants expect the Bankruptcy and...