Blockchain's three capital markets innovations explained

Author: | Published: 11 Jul 2016

Given the amount of ink that has been spilled on the topic over the past months, most readers will likely be familiar with the term blockchain, as code for the type of distributed ledger technology that underlies bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies. Some of the more technologically inclined may already have an in-depth understanding of the workings of these systems. One thing seems certain: just about everyone will have heard ecstatic claims about how blockchain technology will transform the world of finance.

With this awareness has also come a level of scepticism, bringing a more rigorous focus on the underlying concepts and corresponding innovations, as lawyers, bankers and other participants in the finance sector seek to understand how it is that blockchain technology will drive the implementation of significant changes to the way finance business is conducted. To advance the discussion, it is worth examining three specific financial products and...