POLL: Reviving Asia’s PE market

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 6 Jun 2016
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Private equity in Asia is on the march, and the drivers are varied.

The region has suffered from the global commodity price slump. Major businesses in key jurisdictions, such as China and Indonesia, have entered into restructurings.

And with a wave of M&A activity triggered by China’s outbound asset-purchasing drive, acquisition financing among PRC buyers has taken centre-stage.  Many are partnering with private equity firms to boost their takeover bids for overseas assets.

Meanwhile, private equity firms are cashing in on a thirst among distressed companies, such as shipping businesses in Korea, for fresh capital through divestment.

The recent passage of India’s first insolvency and bankruptcy law is also expected to facilitate the winding-up of businesses and to strengthen the rights of foreign debt holders, potentially opening up greater opportunities for global private equity firms to invest in the turnarounds of ailing businesses.

With this in mind, IFLR’s poll this month asks what will be the biggest driver behind a resurgence of private equity in Asia:

  • Reduced implicit government support in China
  • India’s new bankruptcy regime
  • China’s outbound M&A drive
  • Increased corporate restructuring in over-capacity industries
  • Other

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