Europe’s infra stalemate demands public sector improvements

Author: Danielle Myles | Published: 9 Nov 2015

At this month's G20 summit in Turkey business leaders from the participating countries will recommend governments review their public-private partnership (PPP) practices and use new tactics to take advantage of the private sector liquidity looking to invest in infrastructure. 

It's in line with the growing realisation that the imbalance between project supply and private funding is the key problem in infrastructure development today.

The European Commission's Juncker plan, which intends to mobilise nearly €300 billion of private funds to help close  the region's infrastructure gap, has had a relatively successful first few months. But it doesn't solve the perennial problem of a lack of public sector funding and project expertise.

There's been much talk about banks' cutting their long-term lending programmes in light of Basel III's enhanced capital requirements. But Mike Wilkins, managing director of infrastructure finance ratings at Standard & Poor's, is...