POLL: money won’t fix Africa’s infrastructure gap

Author: Danielle Myles | Published: 23 Sep 2015

All the financial investment in the world won’t solve Africa’s infrastructure shortage. Deep-seated market realities must change to improve projects’ underlying credit

To close sub-Saharan Africa’s infrastructure gap, what should be prioritised?
The numbers are simply staggering. Sub-Saharan Africa needs an extra $50 billion per year to build the critical infrastructure it needs to continue its growth trajectory. If a country lacks, for example, functioning roads, investors won't waste their time. This, in turn makes it difficult for a government to pull more of its population into the middle class.

The problem prompted IFLR to poll readers on what should be prioritised in closing the region's infrastructure gap. In line with the fact there is no single, or obvious, solution, the results are split. But a major theme that did emerge is that money isn't the primary concern. For all the focus on dollars, many believe that...