Thames Tideway tests new infrastructure model

Author: Danielle Myles | Published: 15 Sep 2015
Pretty skyline; dirty water. A super sewer to run under the river should fix that
A dedicated legal framework for the development of a 25 km sewer under London’s River Thames has reduced capital costs and created certainty over revenue to a level that pension funds have backed the infrastructure project, which is one of the UK’s biggest.

At £4.2 billion ($6.48 billion), the scale of the Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT) prompted the government to take the unprecedented step of legislating for it to be carved-out of Thames Water Utilities’ remit, and instead have it governed by standalone rules – the SIP Regulations.

On August 24, five years after work had begun on the regulatory framework, a consortium of funds managed by Allianz Capital Partners, Amber Infrastructure, Dalmore Capital and DIF (Bazalgette Consortium) were awarded the infrastructure provider licence for the so-called super sewer.

The bespoke and highly...