EC tougher than Mofcom on merger clearance

Author: Lizzie Meager | Published: 2 Jun 2015

The European Commission’s (EC) merger control enforcement rate is double that of the US and China, according to a recent report.

The research, released on May 19, compares the track record of antitrust authorities across the EU, US, UK, China, France and Germany over a seven year period.

During this time, the EC either blocked or imposed conditions on six percent of deals, while in the US and China that figure was just 2.7% and 2.4%, respectively.

"These figures are somewhat contrary to the undue media attention the Chinese regime has received," said Gavin Robert, consultant at Linklaters who authored the report. "People tend to assume that Chinese intervention is a lot more likely than it really is."

The PRC Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) was in fact found to be the second-least stringent...