Poll: regulating cyber security

Author: IFLR Correspondent | Published: 27 May 2015
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Cyber security is a growing concern for financial institutions and their regulators. The importance of keeping costumers’ data and institutions’ proprietary information safe is a high priority globally.

New technologies mixed with old systems, a growing desire to offer online functions to customers, and the prevalence of third parties being used to hold or distribute information are all raising questions about the best ways to provide data security. Regulators are poised to step in, but their presence and added scrutiny is rarely welcome. Their record for global cooperation is poor. And regulators’ own cyber security standards are not as high as they could be.

Against this backdrop, the question has become: how should financial regulators tackle cyber security risks?

IFLR’s latest quick poll asks readers to weigh in on the debate. Vote anonymously on the lower right side of the homepage. The results will be featured in the July/August edition of IFLR magazine.

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