POLL: growing green bonds

Author: Tom Young | Published: 21 May 2015

This month’s poll finds that green bonds’ opaque definitions are preventing the asset class truly taking off

What does the green bond market need to take off?
Green bonds have been the darling of the financial markets for some time. Viewed as a rare example of an investible product with noble aims, the asset class has been lauded since it emerged from the depths of the World Bank's offices in 2008. The tool, which is favoured by multilaterals and development banks, has grown rapidly since its introduction, with issuance in 2014 up to $33 billion. But while a wide range of corporates, utilities and banks now consider it as a source of funding, there is considerable room to grow. With a captive insurance investor base and potential for linkage with Europe's burgeoning private placement market, volumes should, and could, be higher.

With this in mind, IFLR decided to poll...