HK Competition Commission announces launch dates

Author: Ashley Lee | Published: 27 Mar 2015

The Hong Kong Competition Commission will be ready to start operating this year, and is expected to publish its final draft guidelines on Monday, according to its chairperson.

Hong Kong is one of the few jurisdictions without an operating competition regime. The Legislative Council (LegCo) passed the Competition Ordinance in 2012, and the Competition Commission has been preparing for its implementation since members were announced in April 2013. It released draft guidelines last October.

Anna Wu, chairperson of the Competition Commission, today revealed that the regulator will begin operations this year.

"The Commission itself is aiming or being de facto ready by the middle of 2015, or a few months from now," she said, speaking at conference on fighting cartels through the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance.



Hong Kong’s Competition Commission will publish its final draft guidelines on Monday;It will also publish a guide detailing its approach to...